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Progressive ski and snowboard coaching

We all want your entire experience do be the very best and are committed to the highest quality in all aspects of your course

Big White Clouds Skiing & Snowboarding - Who said that the one can't fly?

All Mountain Ski Improvement Course

With three weeks of Nonstop ski tuition and guidance, your skiing ability will improve massively, allowing you to truly enjoy every corner of one of the world's best powder-heavy resorts.

Big Mountain Snowboard Performance Course

A season of focusing purely on your snowboard performance. We will develop your snowboarding technique, before moving onto our All Mountain Pro program where the focus turns to master all-terrain and everything fun about snowboarding… think powder, drops, chutes and more.

Early Season Ski Course

Join this early season course to kick your winter off as the pros do. We fly over our top instructors who'll fine-tune your technique, so you're ready to tackle everything once the season gets in full swing.

Six People Maximum Per Coach

By being in a smaller training group with a maximum of five other people, you learn so much more and enjoy skiing with a much tighter ability group than is possible otherwise. This also makes for a lot more fun, with far less wasted time associated with skiing in a large group.

On hill mileage

Whilst we appreciate how important feedback is, we know it is important to get out there and ski too. All our courses balance technical training with lots of mileage on the mountain.

Supportive Environment

As well as technical excellence, we want our ski coaching delivered in a fun and supportive way. Group camaraderie and fun on holiday are important, and so, of course, we aim to foster that. It is a real pleasure to see that many past guests remain close friends (and even married too!) with people they were on their course with, and with their coaches too..

Skiing Tips

01. Difficult Conditions

If the slopes are icy, keep your speed down. Try to use your edges as much as possible and put weight over the downhill ski. If necessary, you can always use slide sideways to go down an icy slope.

02. Freestyle Skiing: Switch, Jumps, Rails & Boxes

Perform basic parallel turns the switch on an easy and wide-open slope. Initiate a switch turn by looking in the direction of travel, a basic tenet in switch skiing. When hitting a kicker in a terrain park, start with a straight jump. When you hit the take-off ramp, you will need to lean forward in order to keep your weight over the middle of the skis. Practise springing off of smaller jumps until you are capable and confident enough to try something bigger.

03. Mogul Skiing

Use the ‘up force’ of the bump to turn your skis around it gently. As your skis reach each bump, let your knees compress upwards towards your chest. You do this by turning your feet downhill after cresting the bump.

Noel Hanson
Co-Founder of Big White Clouds Skiing & Snowboarding Courses Courses